A Guide on How to Buy Silver Coins



For the reason that gold has become an unreachable investment for the working class individual, more and more people are turning to invest in silver. Silver has become the new gold for ordinary individuals who scraped their hard-earned money to make an investment. With just a few hundred dollars, you are guaranteed to make a silver investment compared to the thousands you need to put up when investing in gold.

Various Ways to Invest in Silver

Like gold, learning how to invest in silver is a crucial step. First, it is a definite must that you familiarize with the various ways to invest in silver; these include investing in physical silver like bullions, bars, and coins, silver ETFs, silver mining stocks, and even broken pieces of silver jewelry.

Of the ways enumerated above, investing in silver coins is the commonest way. With the various silver coins available for purchase, you can acquire flexibility in your financial portfolio. Plus, silver coins’ liquidity also make it very easy to buy and sell.

Don’t just buy any type of silver coin; keep in mind to acquire any one of the following:

  • American Silver Eagle – of all silver bullion coins, this US coin is the most popular among the lot with good reason. With the option to invest in per piece or per box containing 500 coins, it is easily one of the most convenient silver investments. Its value as an investment was already proven during the recession when the US Mint was plagued with great demands for these coins.
  • Canadian Silver Maple – Canada’s official silver coin, the Silver Maple is widely known for purity. Like the Silver Eagle, it can also be purchased from the Royal Canadian Mint individually or in a monster box.
  • Chinese Silver Panda – the official silver bullion coin for the People’s Republic of China, the Silver Panda not only features purity, but it is also valued for its beauty. People from China and all over the world put their confidence in this silver coin, and it can be purchased per piece or by bulk, which can be had with a discount.

The next time you feel like investing in silver, check out these silver bullion coins for versatility, purity, and beauty!

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